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As explorers we are part of the community of NSW. The minerals that we endeavour to find are used for your benefit. Everything we use in our daily lives comes from the Earth. Paddock to plate requires farming and farming requires equipment that can only be built through the minerals we discover.

We at New South Resources work closely with our local community including farmers, graziers and council. We are geologists, our profession is the study of the Earth and we care about the country in which we live. The Australian mining community have learnt from the past and are now employing the Worlds best environmental standards.

The NSW government supports both the work you do in the community and the work we do. Thankfully, the NSW Government Mining Regulator is highly active in ensuring the Industry stays at best practice. They also provide easy to read information about the work we do and how explorers and miners can coexist with landowners and the community. We invite you to follow the link below to the Department of Resources and Energy website because first hand knowledge breaks down common concerns.